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Net deposit limits

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What's everyones opinion on some online casinos moving from a hard deposit limit to net deposit limit? 

I personally see it as a way the casinos to get around the ban on reversing withdrawals and probably alot more predatory than that. If you have £50 a week deposit limit and withdraw, you use to have a small time frame ( depending on casino) to reverse it, but once it was processed that was it. Now they're letting you carrying on depositing until your net loss has reached your daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits. 


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I’ll be honest, I’ve never got anywhere near whatever my limit is so I’m no expert, but it seems strange that they’d allow you to deposit but not spend it!

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Sorry I shouldn't have said net loss, I meant net deposit loss.


Basically if you have for example a £50 a week deposit limit and you withdraw £500, they will let you deposit another £500 that week, as your net deposit will be +£450 and you've put a -£50 deposit limit. Where it use to be a hard limit and once it is reached your £50 that was it, no matter how much you had withdrawn. 

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