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  1. Finally had the verification pop up on my YouTube this afternoon. Took a matter of seconds to verify using my debit card. The only odd thing was before I verified it was still letting me watch European streamers and Casino grounds videos but not a single UK streamer. So I don't know if its Youtube or UKGC putting these restrictions in place.
  2. With the bookies and arcade videos on hold for a little while, would like to see you try some online Keno and Video poker. Love watching the slots but its always nice when you occasionally change it up a little bit, even if its every couple of months.
  3. I think proof of income can only tell you half the story sometimes. You can have an 18 year old on minimum wage living with parents having more disposable income than someone with a modest wage but a mortgage and kids. You see people who earn 6 figure sums and are absolutely crippled in debt. Self employed people who's earnings can change drastically month to month. It'll get to a stage soon when it's like applying for a mortgage, there'll scrutinise every penny that goes in and out of your bank account, just to make a deposit or open an account. I'm personally not looking forward to that day
  4. Never had the discipline for poker. I'd get bored if I was dealt 15 to 20 crap hands in a row and not very good at bluffing. My brothers a good player, travels around alot playing and is a commentator on the GUKPT. I'm more of a 7 card brag man, I prefer games when it's all action every hand.
  5. Hoping Darren puts the highlights up as had to stop watching about 22:15. Looking at all the entries for guessing the amount of money in the jar, it looks like he's got his work cut out though. Over a 1000 entries. We'll be lucky to see him again before Christmas
  6. Money train 2 Dragonfall Donuts Count Duckula Gonzo's quest megaways 1 million megaways bc Beat the bobbies 2 Rainbow riches free spins Legend of bigfoot Danger high voltage
  7. Adf180

    Where next???

    Wow, use to love playing that on Jackpotjoy. Most I won in one week was £10, £20 and 5 free spins. I'm sure it was all pre determined though it seemed like the more you staked throughout the week, the higher the prize you won. Good luck.
  8. Maybe he finally hit the Jackpot King Jackpot, then retired quietly with no fuss.
  9. It'll be like self exclusion before gamstop. Lose £100 then go and register at a new site and repeat the process. It's good to have measures in place but alot of these regulations could start to affect punters who bet within there means.
  10. See if you can bonus one slot on every available stake. So start with £500 deposit, 20p a spin and increase the stake everytime you bonus it and see how far you get.
  11. Santa's wild ride, the trailing wilds free spins consistently pays big for me.
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