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Eye of Horus MEGAWAYS - Strange Win Series - x7 Scatter Features in 20 min Today Bookies - General Discussion - Stop and Step

Eye of Horus MEGAWAYS - Strange Win Series - x7 Scatter Features in 20 min Today Bookies


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Hi all - long time no login - went into thew bookies today (Ladbrokes) to put a bet on the national at about 5pm. Then stuck £200 on the FOTB whilst waiting for the race to start. Anyway ended up playing:

Eye of Horus MEGAWAYS with the POWER PLAY ACTIVE £2 ON. (Every now an then it gives maximum megaways on the reels) 


So hit a normal x3 Scatter feature - £50 ish win. all is good. [x1]

After feature ended it was on autoplay and boom, straight in again next spin. [x1]

This feature retriggers twice. Ends up with about 40 spins. Only makes it to the vultures. Last x20 spins just spin out without a Hourus upgrade, but lots of small wins and pays about £260 [x2]

I keep playing - Lots of x2 scatters come in - after about 10 to 15 spins in it comes again [x1]

Same again - two early retriggers this time getting to the doggy; Anubis. Same play again, Anubis with x20 spins left - approx x40 in total, lots of small wins in the last x20 plays and no upgrade to Hours. Pays something like £290. [x2]


So that is in normal play less than x20 spins, three features and four retriggers all in less than 20-25 minutes. Odd thing is this was approx 5:30pm to 6:00pm. Now if the Grand National had started on time it would have finished by then and my win streak would have just followed the end of the race. As it was it coincided with he race as it was delayed 15 minutes.

I'm not new to this guys, but I'm highly suspicious that two very similar (extremely rare) features happen what would have been exactly after then end of the National, looks to me like it was set to happen - possibly they were expecting lots of people in the shop(S) and it works both ways, if you won on the race then try the fruties and if you lost then try to win it back on the fruties.  Something to keep people in the shops, look he won, you can too! 

Did anyone else see strange features straight after the race? 





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