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Should we all just quit ? - General Discussion - Stop and Step

Should we all just quit ?

Ian Hislop

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Last night I went for a play and at first nothing good happening, but I was playing lightly, 50p spins, while others around me were ultra spins and otherwise £2 spins. Got some play but nothing amazing really. Later one I would hit a £300 on kings honor when i tilted and went to blow my last 50 quid. 

But during that time, the chap to my right had carded his slot and gone way longer than he should have (I dont care, just saying) and the chap to my left was getting some hits and even had a jackers on crown gems ultra spins with a win that was way more than the 500 limit... and he looked so bored. Eventually he said #@&% it and left. 

The fobt market is horrible. People are getting clattered left right and centre. From bored, to pee'd off to beyond angry. The vibe in the arcades is just dead. I mean, sure, can have a laugh, bit of banter, free drinks, nice people... but the fobt vibe is just nothing to do with good life. It doesn't contribute to the quality of life at all. If I am winning a few quid, others are losing a heck of a lot. Vice Versa. Etc and so on.

Even the staff are complacent not wanting to be there but it pays the bills yet noticeably pissed off that every day they watch people get destroyed. 

The bosses are hands off, all of them. Bullying the staff into watching people tilt. The game designers have no heart. The £300 down, finally get a bonus that pays 4.5x or less is not the result of good people programming slot machines.

And then the viewers on youtube.... all agree if they are watching they are glad they aint playing. 

Because good outcomes are rare and the saddest part, at the expense of other people losing. so should we just mass dump the fobt industry ? It doesn't care. It doesn't deserve our attention, our grafted pennies and our sense of self worth.

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