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2G and 3G shutdown - Off Topic - Stop and Step

2G and 3G shutdown


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In 2023 they mobile providers will start phasing out 3G data. Including not repairing any equipment on masts. Complete shutdown by 2024. Also about a decade later in 2033 the 2G network will be shutdown. This will help free up space to improve 4G and 5G connectivity.

Are you ready for the switchover? Do you still have any old 3G smartphones that will have to be thrown away in the next year or so?


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Most 5g towers were put up in the LOCKDOWN mmmmmmmm Birds and insects started declining in around mid 90s and in 93 2g and 3g were installed. mmmmmmmmmmmmm 

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5g is shit outside big cities, 

2033 before country 96% covered, broadband expensive here too, so much for self regulation, we trapped on a tiny island with a handful of companies to rob us all 

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