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Been watching a video on YouTube about Stake Casino, a real eye opener. It makes you question the validity of streamers using this casino in their streams. Laughable to see that their main office/hub is a shack on the small island of Curacao. 
Are these people that clever or are the general public so naïve?

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I thought I'd have a look at their site, just for a laugh, and got told "Adblock Detected - Disable AdBlock and refresh in order to visit site"....


WTF!!!!!!!!! I don't think so! Telling me what I can run on my own computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's always good to be aware and question the validity of different online casinos, especially when it comes to streamers using them in their streams. It's concerning to hear that Stake Casino's main office is a shack on a small island. I suggest you look into other online casinos such as PG slot which is well-established and has a good reputation in the industry. It is important to do your own research and make an informed decision when it comes to online gambling. Such casinos allow winning quite a lot of money and are not likely to trick you.

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