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Do the public have a right to know ? - General Discussion - Stop and Step

Do the public have a right to know ?

Ian Hislop

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Of the addictive gambling support out there, what the industry pays towards that support ?

For example, one of the paths of support is to the nearest local food banks.
What does the gambling industry provide help with to these support systems ?
Should they do more if it is considered they do nothing or not enough ?

A friend of mine not so long ago, gambled her entire months rent and now has to suffer the struggle of paying it back steadily or face the threat of eviction. If she makes that mistake one or more times again, what real support is there for her and what does the gambling industry do to support these addicts ? Is it enough ?

NOTE : "Be responsible" is a real a thing as "gambling addict". Saying one, doesn't prevent the other and is beyond it all, no solution.

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Interesting question. My belief (and I’m happy to be corrected in this) is that bookies and casinos don’t have any say in where the money is spent, they simply donate to gambling addiction charities. I’m not aware that they find any local/community projects but I could be wrong.

Sorry to hear about your friend, hopefully she can get it paid back quickly and it doesn’t disrupt her Christmas too much.

Fully agree with the last point, people who are struggling with any addiction will not be deterred by the ‘be responsible’ signs. I ignore the warnings on packets of cigarettes. And don’t get me started on the ‘please drink responsibly’ signs in a Wetherspoons….

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