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Why are bonuses so poor??? - General Discussion - Stop and Step

Why are bonuses so poor???

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why are bonuses so bad??? got the genie jackpot bonus but didn't get a win until the 7th spin, amazingly it gave me 3 genie before my win, got to the win boost feature but didn't win anything with my extra spins, won £127 


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Part of the plan to control and make people stop. UK going backwards. Also gambling tax gone up this month for all gambling so its got to have an effect some where as it doesnt effect us but the gambling places.. 

I was watching some recent Vegas slots and wow to say its a country where most part you cant gamble Vegas is moving forwards.

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The reduced RTP is reflected in the bonuses. FOBT bonuses are far inferior to on line bonuses mostly due to the £500 limit but at least in a shop or arcade you can switch machines. At home on your pc or on your phone, when you return to a previously played game it always takes you back to your last spin. 
Back to back bonuses are not impossible but they’re becoming more and more infrequent. Small stakes players get penalised by the lower RTP on smaller stakes. Big Bass Splash bucks the trend in my experience, I’ve had at least 3 bonus paying over £100 on 10p stake. 

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