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Darren,  I watch you every week,  I often sign up to a casino,  inevitably deposit too much and then restrict myself, and repeat with a new casino    was feeling lucky and checked your site on Monday,  clicked on your Playzee link,  deposited £50 ( no bonus's taken) and within minutes was over £100 up,   having lost as much over the weekend I decided to take £140 out and did so, and play the rest out

my withdrawal did not happen,  they say PayPal didn't accept their payment,    here's the online chat from today,   they are getting my emails but ignoring them, I know they are,  its all a big scam I think,   not sure what to do here,   maybe you should remove the playzee link though,  don't want others falling for it,  thanks

Chat started on 08 Jun 2022, 03:57 PM (GMT+0)
(03:57:54) *** ian () joined the chat ***
(03:57:55) ian ()
my withdrawal
(03:57:57) Customer Support
Hi and Welcome to Playzee Chat! One of our team members will be with you soon.
(03:58:34) *** Sandra joined the chat ***
(03:58:38) Sandra 
Hi there 😊 My name is Sandra and I will be assisting you today.
(04:02:25) Sandra 
Thank you Ian for your details.
(04:02:41) Sandra 
I have now set up your PIN - ****
(04:02:46) ian ()
(04:03:56) Sandra 
Please allow me a moment to check your account for you.
(04:09:39) Sandra 
Thank you or holding. 

I have received feedback from the relevant team and your withdrawal was unsuccessful. We will need to reprocess the withdrawal manually. In order to do so we will need your banking details;

 Account holder name 
 Bank Name 
 Bank Address 
 SWIFT Code 

Please send the details via email to support@playzee.com
(04:10:04) ian ()
I already did, and yet not had any sort of confirmation
(04:12:13) Sandra 
Please note, the relevant team has not received your details.
(04:12:22) Sandra 
Please do send us the details once more.
(04:13:39) ian ()
have send it again now , can you confirm you have it ?
(04:14:05) Sandra 
One moment.
(04:17:34) Sandra 
Thank you for your time.
(04:17:41) Sandra 
We have not yet received your email.
(04:17:51) Sandra 
When we do, we will reply to confirm.
(04:18:36) ian ()
can you pay the details you require across, as I have send email 3 times to the address you gave me
(04:18:54) ian ()
can you pass the details you require across, as I have send email 3 times to the address you gave me
(04:23:09) ian ()
ok, sent again, 4 times now, all have been delivered, please confirm if you have it and give an alternative solution if not, thanks
(04:24:18) Sandra 
When we receive the email, we will provide you with feedback.
(04:24:29) Sandra 
For now, we have not yet received your email.
(04:25:32) ian ()
but this means the email is not reaching you and won't ever reach you or you'd now have 4 copies, can you give me an alternative or put me directly in contact with your support team
(04:28:59) ian ()
ok I give up, am I being scammed here or what, you have made it impossible for me it seems
(04:30:43) (Visitor)
Sandra ?
(04:32:57) Sandra 
Please confirm the email address you emailed the details?
(04:33:23) (Visitor)
(04:33:40) Sandra 
Once we receive your email we will confirm.
(04:35:23) (Visitor)
what happens if you don't get my email, as this is the only likely outcome, I've sent it 4 times, and even replied you your own email from play zee.com, what happens next as I can't keep sending emails, its not as if they are bouncing back, they are not
(04:36:06) Sandra 
As you have advised that you have sent the email. We should receive the email and we will provide feedback.
(04:36:46) (Visitor)
emails are instant, you know that, I sent the first over 17 hours ago
(04:38:37) (Visitor)
I require an alternative method as this one does not work
(04:42:55) Sandra 
The only way for you to provide us with your bank details is via email to support@playzee.com
(04:43:15) (Visitor)
can you put the £140 back into my account please, where is it ?
(04:43:44) Sandra 
We will need to reverse the withdrawal. In accordance with the UK Gambling Commission's guidance, we will no longer be able to reverse pending withdrawals. The functionality to reverse any withdrawal has been removed.
(04:44:43) (Visitor)
according to Uk gambling commission You can withdraw your money at any time without unreasonable delay or restriction. I'm being restricted as your email is not working
(04:45:44) Sandra 
Please allow some time as you have sent the email.
It could be that it is delaying.
(04:46:37) Sandra 
Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
(04:46:42) Sandra 
Thank you for contacting us today. If you later on, have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
(04:46:43) (Visitor)
then can you simply pass on the required details, if you can check if they have the email, you can simply hand them what they need, that fits in with the rules
(04:46:44) *** Sandra left the chat ***
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Legit reasons or not,  they’re not being very helpful. 
only deposit with mainstream bookies in future, you can even withdraw the money in shop with some of them, if not all.??

playzee, playgrand, video slots, mr Jerry , 777, mr green, I could go on but you get my point?? The only means of contact with these companies is email and phone calls. The high street bookies have shops in the high street which you can walk into and argue your case or at the very least be put in touch with customer service which will get the ball rolling much quicker.

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