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New lower value RTP's - what does it really mean? - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

New lower value RTP's - what does it really mean?

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There have been murmurings on the forum about the gradually lowering of RTP's in the online casino's as well as the bookie/arcades. I've noticed in Corals/Ladcrokes all the new fobt slots are 20p-86%, 50p-88%, £1-89%or90%, £2-91%. Some of the older slots still have higher RTP but they are becoming rare. The best one I can find is 777 Burn em up, which is still at 95% across all stakes (although it doesn't seem to translate into a profitable session in my experience). Sometimes premium play is 94%; not that premium play is a good choice, as despite RTP advantage premium play often seems the fastest way to lose money.

The RTP on the base game is truly rotten on many slots especially those with potentially high paying bonus games. Not really sure how the RTP are calculated, I'm assuming lower RTP results in less wins in the base game and less bonus games being triggered (or lower wins in the bonus ). Presumably the impact of lower RTP on slots mainly paying base wins and regular low value bonus games will be be more noticeable than slots with potentially high value bonus games where it is mostly about the volatility of getting the bonus game.

To me logically the RTP % paid on different stakes is to ensure the slot takes the same amount of profit in a given time period no matter what the stake. If there is any truth in this, it makes sense to always play at the highest stake and accept sometimes play time might be short depending on bankroll.


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I hate replying to myself! However I thought the recent live stream was quite insightful when S&S was talking about how reducing RTP affected game play by adjusting top end payouts. i.e. an online casino it could mean a once in a mean 200000x jackpot would pay 150000x instead. In the bookies with max £500 jackpots it might explain why since lockdown the lower RTP most new slots have seem to have translated into less £500 jackpots. I used to get one every few months, since lockdown I think I've managed two in 18 months.




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