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Real or not real, how do you feel ? - General Discussion - Stop and Step

Real or not real, how do you feel ?

Ian Hislop

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Let's be honest....... Gambling can be fun, especially when winning. You don't have to be winning massive but it's nice to win and keep playing, having a decent sesh, when you are avoiding the dead sessions where a last minute win still feels like a kick in the teeth. But gambling can also be addictive, get out of control, dangerous, life ruining or even life ending. 

And I get it, it's there to tempt us, so they can make a living, some company owners even becoming very wealthy on the back of gambling. It is a multi billion pound industry.

When you sit and watch Darren in fobt mode, you know it's real. Demo mode on fobt is easy to see. Back handers for fobt play would be very messy in the accountancy dept. But who knows.... However, I feel Darren, Ross (7 neighbours), Trono, Hypa, Rolla, to name but a few, are very real and care alot about their audience. 

If you have been around long enough, you know for example Hypa detests the idea of scam slotting. You'll know Trono isn't far behind. Rolla actively allows people to talk about fake streaming and like Bandit, is very real to the situation. 

But some are seriously deluded if they think we will ever think they are real. And this is where it becomes a problem and I would like to speak about it.

Why ? Because I have seen lives ruined. Families destroyed. Lives lost. People imprisoned. For gambling addiction. 

And I am concerned about Darren and the circles he is walking among. But I know others who we may feel are real and very anti fake gambling streamers, are not exactly disconnected and that's pretty much why they don't call names. 

There are people out there who would literally stake their lives on Chipmonk being a scammer. The math (this alone is enough), the attitude, the promotion of listed scam sites, the move to Ireland, the one billion shock face thumbnails, the willful bullying of anyone who speaks out of turn and now he's going crypto someone said last night on Rolla stream.

Will aka Hideous, is said to be fake too. Heavily connected to Chipmonk. He said it himself "100's of 1,000's of spins". At the stakes he plays, no way is that affordable. No. Never. Will has his team under orders to ban anyone talking out of turn. 

But then I see Darren moderating in his chat. Sorry Darren, you're a good bloke. Watched you for years now and have nothing bad to say about you HOWEVER I am very concerned about you rolling with Will. Will is a known actor and a bad one. He takes cues on how to react. 100% wooden. His comedic values when starting up, were somewhat great, but his ability to make his stream realistic have failed hugely. I don't want to see you lose out because of those people.

Is this whole conversation allowed here ? Doesn't look good if not. 

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3 hours ago, Robert198812345 said:

To be honest, stop and step is the only one I watch. He is honest about being in profit or loss and how much he has put in the terminal. I don't think he's using demo mode, surely we would know.


I have seen demo mode on the 500s. Getting to know staff over time they might show you it. You get a limited time and it resets without warning.  I'm not in any way suggesting Darren is fake. If I were to call it, I would say he is as real as Rolla, Hypa, Bandit and so on, while the likes of Chipfraud and Will/Hideous are as fake as Tosstein.

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I've been gambling for I don't know about 3 years online now, and my biggest acculmated win was £1,800, was I happy yes did I stop no, that £1,800 went down to £1,500 then to £1,000 until I lost it all, and since that time l haven't had a accumulated win like that since, I've had £500 jackpot wins then up to £1,000 only to lose it all again, so when do I stop £5,000??? £10,000???

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