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Hello all - Introductions - Stop and Step

Hello all


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Hello to you all, I am sure the forum will slowly take shape in the coming weeks and months, so lets give it some time to evolve.

I have my own youtube channel but I am what you could say is a part time downloader, but a full time watcher.

We are on this forum for something that we like and know and that is gambling, in all its forms. be it slots or fobs, horses or dogs or whatever sport we choose.

there is always something we like.

I live in county Durham (405miles from where Darren lives).lol the seagulls gave it away honestly.

I have gambled since I was a teen but with older comes wiser, see my other topic.

nowadays its better to be a spectator on youtube and watch people spend money  rather than spend it myself.

Tip ------ if you see a new slot look on youtube to see if it is there , thatway you see how it works without spending a penny. 



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