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  1. We have a winner ------ hope you opted for the alcohol one lol.....
  2. Well actually I had 5 scatters a few weeks ago it's on you tube -- eye of Horus 5 scatter bonus. You'll have to see what I won. No spoilers.
  3. Well we got an lg oled tv after many weeks of looking 65" and an lg atmos soundbar. to say its perfect is underated, its an amazing screen and sound.... the cost for both was £2000
  4. if the odds were 1/20 then there is a chance it can lose
  5. joker poker Montezuma dead or alive 2 jamming jars
  6. I recently got a 5 scatter bonus on eye of Horus. I've never seen it happen before. It's on YouTube. Search eye of Horus scatter.
  7. Well I have booked a week away first week in sept ---- to Bournemouth 400 miles away from durham. I know that Darren is not too far away from there (no clues). lol but my mission is to see him at some point even for just a short while. my other location is near Yeovil where I have been to in the past. P.S how is the draw getting on Darren for those amazon vouchers?
  8. If you notice he has disabled comments now, but yes over the last year he has changed his online favourites (as in slots played). he has spent more money this year than what I earn in 10yrs. yes he does have wins but he makes out he is not rich. the only way to prove it is simply to show your bank statement but I know that will not happen. time will tell maybe.
  9. By that I mean you bought something and later found out it was worth a lot more. back in 2014 there was an auction for a plain and simple trike, made by Jack Taylor cycles at Stockton on tees. the trike was made in 1958. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/jack-taylor-racing-tricycle-fetches-8213963 After some legwork we actually found the original owner in his 80,s who still had paperwork from the day he had it made. also the frame number 3148 was the very first trike built by the company all those years ago. the trike has not been used on the road for the last 2 years but look at the video below to see how it is. it will be put up for sale within the next 4 months once we have decided the best option.
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