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  1. Now that you have a picture taken of yourself that is a step in the right direction, I had similar experience, I had to copy all items in the same picture and then have all the signatures showing as well. It took a while. Best thing is to verify documents with a low credit win first. A lot easier. Then once it's done, you can cash out easier and faster. People take note as soon as you open an account verify yourself before those big wins.
  2. Does playing at low stakes online 10p 20p pay better x win than playing in pounds £1 £2 £4 ? a lot of good winners on casino grounds have been playing low stakes and winning good amounts. for example dead or alive 0.09 stake 0.18 stake.
  3. However the votes go its what the machine will do on the day --- just remember the machine will never play the same 2 days in a row.
  4. When does the mystery become reality ? there was supposed to be a major change and new website announced ? we are still waiting ! . Any news on it Darren.
  5. Loads of people will be waiting for the stream lol refreshing the page over and over, never mind enjoy...…..
  6. We have a winner ------ hope you opted for the alcohol one lol.....
  7. Well actually I had 5 scatters a few weeks ago it's on you tube -- eye of Horus 5 scatter bonus. You'll have to see what I won. No spoilers.
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