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Casino Welcome Bonuses in Spain Capped at €100 - Online Casinos - Stop and Step

Casino Welcome Bonuses in Spain Capped at €100


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Spanish authorities revealed that they intend to cap welcome bonuses that casinos offer as part of their overall plan to curb excessive gambling. So as a result of that plan the welcome bonuses will be limited to only 100 EUR.

The Spanish Minister of Consumer Affairs also said that bonuses not only attracted new players but attract players that already struggle with gambling addiction, as well as minors who don’t fully realize the harms of online gambling. The new regulation will apparently be part of the Royal Decree Project.

The Spanish government has already imposed other restrictions on the industry too – they updated the gambling advertisement regulations and casino operators are allowed to advertise their services only between 1am and 5am.


It sounds unfortunate, but hopefully it does help gamblers who already have a problem, not to mention keeping minors away from gambling. Gambling is fun, but kids shouldn’t be anywhere near it.

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Always surprised me that as a kid I was allowed to go to the seafront and gamble all my pocket money on fruit machines.

The article you’ve cited is 2 years old though….

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