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Mansion Ditches Its Sports Betting Brand to Focus on Casino Offering - Online Casinos - Stop and Step

Mansion Ditches Its Sports Betting Brand to Focus on Casino Offering


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Mansion Group informed its customers that it intends to shut down the MansionBet brand from March 31.

According to the announcement, the company’s other brands (casino dot com, Slots Heave and Mansion Casino) will continue to operate in the United Kingdom as well as the other markets where they are regulated. The company also said that it will expand to other markets like Spain and Canada, since Ontario will allow international operators to operate there from April 2022.

The company also said that all bets will be ruled to be winners before April 2023 will be honored, but from March 31st onward, players will not be able to place bets, make deposits, and cash out open bets and people will be able to cash out their winnings before April 28th, 2022.


That seems like an interesting pivot. Why do that, I wonder?

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Only speaking from personal experience, I’ve always lost a lot more on slots than sports betting. If I don’t fancy anything on the football, I’ll leave it alone. However, I have been known to sit on the couch spinning away for an hour whilst Ms Haze watches Snowpiercer. Maybe they’ll concentrate on casino games and make that their cash cow.

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