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All win Streaks come to an end :( - General Discussion - Stop and Step

All win Streaks come to an end :(


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The last 2 weeks I’ve had an amazing win steak off the back of my biggest loss but today it came crashing down!! 

2 weeks ago today I lost £1100 in one session. The day after I went back to the scene of the crime and left £1300 up (NET profit of £200)

Sensibly I stuck £1000 in the bank and kept the rest in my pocket. 

Over the next 10 days I won over £3000 and put most of it in my savings. Then this morning i went into the arcades with about £500 in my pocket and walked out with £1300! 

I banked all but £150 and this afternoon went into another arcades. I lost the £150 then withdrew £260 (max for ATM) which I lost and then a further £220 (max allowed over a day with fees) which I also lost.

All in all an amazing streak but just made me realise I’m not invincible after all 😂😂😂  

For info, I normally  play 1/2 times a week but played much more in the last 2 weeks. 

Time to take a break I think!!!???

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Of course all winning streaks come to an end…

you’re constantly trying to beat a game that has a an RTP of at best around 94% so over the long haul it’s impossible to win….

Ive said this before but if you started with £1m it’s a nigh on certainty that you’d finish with around £940k if you banked every win because you’d have taken the variance out the game and returned the true odds.

No one and I mean no one who plays slots regular can possibly come out on top.

You should take a break, enjoy your good fortune, but something nice and have a go again in a wee bit otherwise you’ll end up giving it all back +interest

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