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Strange Policy at Casino


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I went up to London 1st Casino I went to was Hippodrome Leicester SQ

i bought cash with me and after I had bought £700 in chips manager advised new policy that max you can buy in is £900 unless you have a receipt from the ATM

I promptly cashed out at £1500 and went to another casino few yards down the road

I asked the cashier about this and she said was a new policy of the casino since the opening after Covid

I would have thought the more money the casino is taking in the better 

if anything this would would put me off from going to that venue again , especially as the 3 other casinos within 2 mins walk that don’t have any strange policy as that

( plus all the blackjack tables except one are auto shuffle machines) 

so not a place I would recommend anymore

has anyone else come across such a policy at any other place ?





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4 hours ago, Groyd said:

You'll find that it's their overzealous attempt at preventing money laundering.

maybe that is the case, but with 4 Casino’s within 100 yards 

all that will happen is people will just walk to next casino a few yards away

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