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Most Random Win!


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A couple of years ago I was playing rainbow riches Megaways online and was having an awful season. I was about £7/800 down.

I was still playing whilst getting my shoes on and not paying too much attention. Then a max meagawys win dropped in, out of bonus and not gems, just short of £1300. 

I literally blinked and missed it but think it was aces!!

anyone had a similar random/unexpected win? 

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Only one random one is the £500 jackpot on reel King slotto (original version in Hills/freds).  I've probably had jackpot three times (in many years of playing), but when it rolls in its off a losing spin then either switches to a screen full if jackpots (like my profile pic) or 5 scrolls. You're never sure it's jackpot until you've got the £500 off the cashier. 🤣

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I was playing online lost £100 on £1 plays on a wedding game, had 40p left so changed stake to 20p play last press got full screen of rings £1000 for 20p stake would have been £10.000 on £1 play but l doubt it would have come in then, still nice though . 

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