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Quickest/Easiest £500 Jackpot - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

Quickest/Easiest £500 Jackpot


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A couple of weeks ago I was playing on some old school slots in the arcade. I was playing Elvis top 20 and won (not jackpot).

Whilst waiting for coin payout I stuck £20 in the next machine and opted to play black knight on £2 stake. 

First spin four bonus symbols drop in. First spin dead, 2nd 1 knight, 3rd other 2 knights. took all 12 spins but JACKPOT!!!!

Best part about it was I only went in to kill time waiting phone ee to open!!


happy days…

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Rainbow Riches Pure Gold or similar, a 2 in 12 chance of a £500 gold pot (I actually believe it to be genuine odds at that point despite the usual Bronze!) but getting a pots feature can either cost you either £20 note or a mortgage!

The best game was Devil Of A Deal in the likes of William Hill many, many years ago which was a fairly easy feature to get and even advertised the 1 in 16 genuine chance of picking the £500

But overall on most games just gambling your way to £500 is probably the route to winning it from many years of experience!


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