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ThunderStruck"2" wild lighting Slot. - General Discussion - Stop and Step

ThunderStruck"2" wild lighting Slot.


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Hi folks. hope your all well.

Just a wee word of warning. I would stay well away from this slot. Why you may ask? I did well on Legacy of Egypt. depositing £50 and wining a £ 130.00 on a £1.00 stake.

Happy with that I decided to try thunder struck. Well.......What a disappointment. It has very low wins. Top paying symbol payed £25 for 5 in a row. The Link constantly teases with very little chance of coming up. When it does you get £14.50. I got this twice. The biggest joke is the "WildStorm"  I chased this costing £70 to discover it dosen't  Activate on 20/20..... It tells you it will activate on your next bonus. What a waste........ It would have been better to play the bonus 15 spins instead of this Shitty WildStorm bonus.  Eventually after playing for nearly an hour the bonus activated. May i add if there was another wildstorm meter i could have filled it 3 times over the amount of times the bonus teased on 2 hammers. You might find it hard to follow what I'm saying if you haven't played the game. So anyway the big massive win it gave me for the anticipated long waited WildStorm Feature was a whopping  £4.50. When the feature was over I just stirred at my screen in disbelief. Why would game makers even put that win in a big feature that takes alot of money to activate. 

To be honest i will never play that slot again and its put me of playing Microgaming games.  Has anybody had a massive win on this game. Or have you guys been experiencing the same as myself. I would love to know. Must go back to Darrens YouTube Video on ThunderStruck and see what his finishing balance was after that long playing run on this slot.

Love to hear what you all thought of this game.

Regards Phil.


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I found Thunderstruck Wild Lightning very difficult to bonus, it was actually one of the longest sessions I have ever had on a single slot! It teases an awful lot, but it is high volatility so the bonuses are mostly going to be small with a few big ones every now and then. 
The video is here if you want to take a look: 


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