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Gambling for fun or to win?


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Those who gamble for fun would like myself I assume play at low stakes of 10 or 20p as opposed to those that play in hope to make a few quid would probably start with a minimum of £1 per spin. What I have found when playing at the higher stakes level is that a £1 & £2 stake and £5 and upward spins more often than not are the poorest payers. In my experience when betting at higher stakes £3 & £4 spins give a far better return in the bonus games. If I am lucky enough to get win of say £50 for example on the lower stakes I like to raise the stake on the game to about £3 for £25 or so or even 25 spins, at £1 and if I get another payout then raise it to around the £3 mark for another 10 spins. 

Id like to, see Darren do a bonus hunt all at £3 stakes.. 

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