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Talk about volatile

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Had a really "fun" day on the fobt yesterday.  Morning about dropping the kids off, decided quite fancy playing the fobt.  Was thinking low rolling (yeah right, we all know that's how it starts).  Was playing a variety of fobt (Paddy power), started off 20p stake, then decided to increase it to £1 (was really boring the low stake).  After 30 mins, was up £20/£30, then slowly started a run (of losses).  1 1/2 hour later, down £200.  Then a run of 2 features off that machine with the the 3 bears gave me a profit again of £200 (feature 1 £133, feature 2 £240).  From then on I just couldn't lose, most gambles came in (x4,x5), end of the session, £600 up (just bought the wife an apple watch 3 in the morning, so that helped).  More to come......

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