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Super Star Turns Goes Super - Big Wins - Stop and Step

Super Star Turns Goes Super


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Mad this evening, £60 in and played Solider of Rome and got up to £350.

Then done most of it playing Burn em up 7’s and RR DofG.

played the last £80 on SST and hit two jackpots and an additional £150 on the very last spin for a total profit of £1090 😳😀....

This leads into my previous thread on luck and to say I’m now over £3,000 up since last Thursday is just amazing 😉 

Of course as most will know I play always £2 Stake and lots of Premium Play playing for Ultra Spins which is not for the faint hearted and can be a rollercoaster ride of volatility as Darren is always pointing out to me!

Anyway time for a break before the inevitable plummet occurs and enjoy the money on Xmas and that’s my annual trip to the Cheltenham festival paid for including my betting cash!

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