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Big Bass Bonanza


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This is my go to slot at the moment, been playing it a lot. 

Things to look out for are the first three scatters landing almost at once, also you can tell if it's going to bonus if the first scatter drops in and the noise it makes is a slightly different tone, you'll know it when you hear it. Another good sign of a bonus is when the first two scatters drop almost as one there's a good chance the fith reel will drop a scatter and the last thing to notice is you can hear the last scatter sound a fraction of a second before the scatter appears. One more sign of an imminent bonus is getting 2 or 3 teases in succession. Getting to X2 in the bonus isn't rare but beware it can often go the whole 10 spins at X2. without paying again. X3 is very rare and although I've come as close as 1 away from X 10 I've never seen it. On the whole though the bonuses tend to be fair pay outs. I've also had 1st spin bonuses, back to back bonuses and 2 or even 3 bonuses within 20 spins. Most importantly I've had a 30p bonus that's paid £250 and a bonus on £10 stake that paid just over £500 a £5 bonus that paid £485. I would say play it from 20p to 50p a spin. Big base game hits aren't uncommon either. 

A similar game from the same company is called Floating Dragon which has a secondary bonus as well. 

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