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Update your Dictionary: 'Fair' has been redefined (Bet365) - General Discussion - Stop and Step

Update your Dictionary: 'Fair' has been redefined (Bet365)


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The boss of the gambling firm Bet365 has been awarded one of the biggest pay packets in UK corporate history.  The highest paid director of Bet365 Group - believed to be founder and majority shareholder Denise Coates CBE - earned a salary of £421m in the year ending 29 March.  She also earned £48m in dividends, taking her total pay to £469m.  The company said the arrangements were "appropriate and fair", despite sales falling at the firm last year.

Every member of staff could get £1000 bonus and still have enough to giver her a £3m salary so not sure it is quite as fair and they make out!

More than all FTSE 100 CEOs combined!

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