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Is Gamstop tightening up???? - Responsible Gaming - Stop and Step

Is Gamstop tightening up????


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I’ve been signed up to Gamstop for ages and it works really well but I’ve always been able to access one major site since I did and it suited me as their responsible gaming tools are excellent so I set them to suit me and happily had access to that site as an avenue for a bit of online gambling.

However, tried to log in today and got the message I knew would eventually come... “Account frozen, contact support”......

Im not bothering to contact them as I know why they will have frozen it... I’m not that fussed either to be honest just means that hats the game up for me online altogether now.... Unless I want to play at a site not registered with the UKGC and I honestly couldn’t think of a worse way to basically donate your money to some unscrupulous chancer.... There’s a reason they’re not registered with the UKGC after all...,

The site was Stars btw.

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