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Yearly account

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So what’s your yearly losses then?

Mine is about £5k, lost almost entirely, about £5,500, on a 3 day ‘business’ trip to my favourite casino in Cardiff last January, before nasty Covid.  I don’t play online, it’s all bookies, arcades and casinos.  Card counting at blackjack is a fun way to win, sometimes quite a lot, but then once I get on the slots…..and I’ve been doing this for decades.

Seem to remember winning a few hundred back in the bookies before the March lockdown, and then when the arcades and bookies went to plexi-glass normal (August?) winning £1000 one day (£40 in, amazing) and then spunking £900 back over the next week, then winning a bit more back…..a few weeks ago, in Tier 3, had two most unpleasant 15 minute trips to Brokelads, felt like a criminal on a 15-minute tag, but won £250 over the trips.  That’s dedication, or addiction, for you.

So I’m about £5k down for the year, which is probably pretty good.  I don’t keep yearly accounts but I have surely lost much more in previous years.  So Covid has been good in that sense for me, a minor benefit for such a shite year for mankind.

Mr Stop sir, how’s your yearly account?  Hypa’s had a bad year, we all feel for the guy, but it’s all part of the gambling circus.

Must admit I am looking forward to the arcades and especially the casinos opening next year.  A strange feeling, looking forwards to something that you know is going to cost you money and test your metal wellbeing.  For the time being I am going to enjoy being in Tier 4 for the next few months and getting my Internet fix from Mr Stop, 7 Neighbours and similar.  At least my New Year’s resolution won’t be broken again for a few months until we are un-tiered, unlike previous years.

Have a good New Year,


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