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100 spins on premium play, gambled for them and got them 4 times....







Anyone had any big wins?? Natural sets of 8/12 or the 20/30/40 from premium play bonus wheel seem to pay more than 100spins....  as on 12spins i got £296.40.... 


Drops of gold is the original and best , then Michael Jackson platinum hits and this is by far the worst. 


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Hi Darren

Not sure if links are allowed but this is my experience of the slot...

20p play : 12 Spins (From Gamble) : 257x Won

On that slot 99% of the time the game is absolutely SHOCKING! In your Case 100 spins for sub 130x, that's just disgraceful. As with all things it does on occasion pay well. My only experience of it was a video I put up recently where I played it on my usual 20p stake (low rolling). I managed on 20p stake to win in excess of 250 (So on £2 stake would have been Jackpot). 12 Spins it took, 12 Spins!!! and I see and hear of @DanT and you getting mugged off with the 100 spins, the Pie Factory slot is just Sooooo Volatile, so much so that it makes the whole slot play of the side of Boring.

Thanks as always for the entertainment
CAsh @REEListic Slots

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