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You have to laugh when you think how stupid people are when they think that the general public must be idiots. 

I'm talking about the relatively new streamer on Twitch who calls himself Deuce Ace. He is "friends" with Roshtein, they often stream together, saying they were childhood friends and good mates. 

They both stream from Malta and if you spend a little time there you will hear Deuc Ace "real name Jay" say that he and Roshtein live just a couple of minutes walk from each other. 

If you look at the stakes, the wagers and the layout of the stream and graphics it doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to realise that this guy just works for Roshtein. The guy is good, he's a pro behind the mic and camera, has all the chat and personality, probably an ex radio DJ or public compere. But I bet my bottom dollar he's just on a salary and percentage of affiliation, "obviously not from winnings as its all fake money." I swear most of their viewers must be fom 10 - 17 year old. Roshtein must be raking it in. 

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