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A wrestler has reached the final of the WWF and his trainer says that his opponent "The Terrible Turk" the unbeaten undisputed champion of the world could be beaten as long as he doesn't get you in his speciality hold "The Turkish Delight" 

If you can keep him from getting you in that hold I really think you could beat him and be the new world champion the trainer says. 

So it's round three and the challenger is doing very well and looking the likely winner. But out of the blue the Terrible Turk manages to get his opponent in the dreaded Turkish Delight hold. After much wriggling and smacking of the canvass the challenger manages to break free, turn the Turk over and pin him down for the count of three. 

The place is going wild and the trainer says to the new world champion that was amazing, he had you in the Turkish Delight and your the first man ever to get out of it how on earth did you manage it. 

Well says the new champ, he had me in the Turkish delight and we were wrapped up in a tight ball, I could barely breathe, all I could see in front of me was a pair of bollocks so I just bit them as hard as I could. 

Wow says the trainer, that's an amazing piece of quick thinking in that situation. 

Tell me about it says the new champ, you'd be surprised the amount of strength you can summon up when you bite your own balls! 

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