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World’s worst football punter strikes again - Football - Stop and Step

World’s worst football punter strikes again


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Keen to keep my crown as the worst sports better ever, here’s my latest losing bet. I was only going to bet £2 but the machine wouldn’t take any coins so I stuck in a fiver. Not far off, but 2 out of 3 doesn’t pay much on an acca.

However, later that day Ms Haze was making chilli for dinner and sent me out for an onion. One onion. Walking into the Coop, I didn’t feel right just buying one onion, so I bought a couple of lucky dips too, making it a fairly reasonable amount to put on the card. And what happened? I matched 4 numbers. It paid a statistically poor £140, but £140 nonetheless. Happy days.

All this got me thinking though.... I put some effort into choosing the teams on my football bet, however I just asked for a couple of lucky dips on the lottery and that’s the one that came in. As such, my betting prowess is far worse than just random chance. At least I have £140 to sit in a corner of a bar and weep to myself whilst I ponder and dwell on that fact.... 😞



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