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Drops of Gold £850 in 3 Ultra Premium play spins 😮 - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

Drops of Gold £850 in 3 Ultra Premium play spins 😮

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Yesterday evening I decided to take £300 in for a bash on Ultra Premium Play on a few slots.

I hit the red bags on drops and gambled a base win for 20 spins which got me £400, it was £435 but I gambled the £35 for the final £100 and lost.

I like to try and get one more shot after a good win and after one blank spin The red bags rolled in again (total cost £4) 😮.

The below photo was taken during the base Game ultra spins on that shot! Needless to say I gambled Part of the win to get to the £450 shown, alas I couldn’t quite get it to the £500!

The reason the balance differs is I’ve taken to putting my stake in and then collecting any prize £50+ to see where I am after I’ve gone through the stake.

All in with a little bit of joy on Super Star Turns and Pearl of The Caribbean as well I cashed out for £1256 total so just shy of a 1k profit. Wish it was always like that...


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