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I went into Betfred to collect my winnings from my lucky 15, handed the ticket over and the guy asked me "have you got a mask?" I told him it was in my car. He said "I can't pay you out because you haven't got a mask on". So I said to him you haven't got a mask on, we're separated by a full height plate glass screen and even if I was wearing a mask I'd still be handling this betting slip which I'm handing to you and then you'll be handling it. "I can't pay you if youre not wearing a mask" he continued. I left and went to the next nearest branch and collected it there and pulled £450 from the FOBT on 100-1 roulette, which incidentally has been very good to me lately. Just pick 2 numbers, a pound on each which means no gamble and its been paying well, about £1200 in the last week. 

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