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Back And Side seat slot advisors

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Ok, so despite saying I was off it, I decided to have a shot this afternoon (and I really wish I’d filmed this)......

Anyway I put £100 in cash in then topped up £500 from my card, now all other machines are taken also and plenty hovering... I’m playing DofG on Ultra but getting nowhere... Now I’m very much live and let live and never pass comment on others play or staking but it’s relevant here as the two 25p/50p brigade players on my left  are talking quite clearly saying “he’s mental”, “obviously a problem”, then a hoverer pipes in as well “you’re nuts playing like that, all this £2’s and you’re not even getting a shot”, this goes on and on and they are really building up a head of steam despite me trying to point out that I’ll play how I play and they’re welcome to play how they want and that I’m comfortable depositing £500 but no it really is their business and apparently I’m off my head, stupid and all other sorts of nice things....

Of course inside I’m fuming 😤 and pissed off two fold, one I’m losing and now I’m having to listen to this shite!

Anyway I switch over to Super Star Turns and have £249 left when I hit the red bags, base game bonus, upgrade twice to red for 40 free spins and crash bang wallop, jackpot..... 6 spins later in again and again double upgrade to red for 35 free spins and BOOM crash bang wallop jackpot AGAIN!

I quietly collect my ticket for £1,237, wink at the two players to my left and saunter over to the cash desk to collect my cash 💰...

I could still hear chat of “lucky bastard”, “I never get one jackpot and he gets 2 inside £20” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

To top it off I had £100 on Villa to win at 2/1 on my way out the door as I thought that was a huge price given it was at Villa Park and Everton are well... rubbish.

Carlsberg Friday again...... For all sorts of reasons 🤣🤣🤣.

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