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Okay, thought I'd put my two pence in if you're interested anyway. I dont watch many streamers myself, I've given up gambling but used to work in the industry. But I do like to watch nickslots, and from the comment section I think I've pretty much solidified that giveaways = followers but hear me out. Darren you do giveaways at like £100 amazon voucher x2 mainly.. which is £200 in a healthy sitting. My suggestion is you spread that out a little more when you do them.. so I'd guess you do that an average of every 3 months maybe? Not sure. But if that's the case, do maybe 2 x £20 or something instead and that gives scope for 5x the giveaways spread over different videos, and trust me.. people love the chance to have a win. In my opinion that will bring in more and more people both on here and youtube. And as we all know, more views and followers is more money.

Also, I personally am so against the spoiler titles in your videos. I really dont think they bring more people in, but they definitely ruin a video when I already know what's happening when it comes to it. I'm guessing that's why theres always quite a few thumbs down on videos in all honesty. I understand the whole click bait culture, but with these videos the people that are going to watch them will watch them without the bait in the title if you understand my poor way of wording there.

Stay safe one and all, spread love not coronavirus!

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