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Done up like a kipper


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Quite a few years ago my mate was having an argument with his 12 year old son that Ashley Cole had once played for Man U. So my mate bet his young son his pocket money that he hadn't played for them. When his son realised he was wrong, he went on his computer and photo shopped a Man U team photo and changed one of the players heads with Ashley Cole and swapped the names in the team line up below. 

When shown the photo, my mate apologised to his son and duly gave him double pocket money. 

A day or so later my mate was in the pub with friends and brought up the subject about Ashley Cole playing for Man U. One of the guys strongly disagreed and bet my mate £100. My mate took the bet, knowing he had photographic evidence to prove it. When he got home he asked his son to print off the photo to show his mate to settle the £100 bet. It was then that his son had to confess to his crime. 

No £5 pocket money for 20 weeks. I'm not sure who learned the biggest lesson. 

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