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Stop n step drinking game


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I'd like to invite you all to opening up a beer and some vodka or a spirit with a shot glass during every days video. Here are the rules

1 shot if Darren:

Tells how a game works, and is completely wrong!

shows what drink he has

Before he does his first gamble, tells you how the next 3 gambles are going to work I.e. "12 then 24 then 48"

calls a pie gamble a cheat when it doesn't come in

says he hasn't had a tease yet

says hes sick of it just teasing after only 2 times

claims the bonus is definitely going to give "jackpot"

2 fingers of your pint if:

he says something is rubbish

Wins 3 or 4 gambles in a row, then loses one and complains it's against him

says "one for luck" extra: 4 more fingers worth if he has more than one "one for luck" in a row

says hes coming off at a set amount, demolishes through that target

He says "pot pokeextra: 4 more fingers if the poke is for something else I.e. "bonus poke"

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Played my own drinking game during yesterdays vid, just woke up in the hospital from alcohol poisoning. Drink responsibly people!

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