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Anyone having problems withdrawing


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Anyone here having problems withdrawing winnings, l hold lots of accounts with online casinos 

been with some of them for years, even withdrawing thousands at a time no problem, now I’m getting extra verification notices ? 
never had these before, l think it’s stupid I’ve been with some for years , deposited thousands & withdrawn thousands, sometimes asked for id check but nothing major, nothing to bad, just meant l had to wait a week to be paid, is this a new government thing. They all seem to be getting strictter, 

five phone calls since Christmas? Not like I’m withdrawing huge sums, bloke on phone asked why l held so many online casino accounts? 
and asked if l had a gambling problem? I told him l did, l can’t bet until you pay me out. These casinos so scared now of being fined by uk regulators, I’ve heard people say they have had trouble sometimes, but when you’ve been with them nearly a decade, Really 😩

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No l been id checked, this seems to be a gambling awareness nonsense, asking if your ok, can you afford it, how often do you gamble, do you gamble at lots of ect, 

l think online casinos are getting afraid of being fined or losing license in uk. 
l don’t get it from bookies online casinos, or sky Vegas, just online casinos since Christmas. Maybe because l withdraw after every decent win, if I’m a few hundred up , l withdraw it. They just ring up for a chat about responsible gambling, and am l ok ? Maybe gaming commission new guidelines or something. They take my money, and I’ve always been paid, but this latest nonsense slows my payouts by about a week, until l talk to them, just wondered if others on here have had it. 



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Speaking of

william-makes-you-ills, how do you find them, l think their online casino is rubbish, l stopped using them years ago, none of my friends use them either, some people say their ok. I’ve always found them to be poor bonuses and not great at giving decent wins. I used to like betfred, they have got bad last few years, online & their shops 

williamhill seem to be closing all their shops now on high street 

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