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Self exclusion

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Went in my local bookies today, 

asked woman behind counter, why they are closing, she said 18 customers have self excluded themselfs since Christmas 😂 no one coming in anymore, 

looks like they took Fred’s advice and to “bet to their pocket”  and decided it was shit & not worth it, still paddy power still going. Last one left since Williamhill closed 2 years ago, 

gambling will all be online soon 

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18 have self excluded, but I bet there’s more who have just decided that it’s not really worth it at those RTPs. During the FOBT hay day, there were 5 bookies within 50 yards of each other just off the high street. I think they were limited to the amount of cabinets they could have in a bookies, but they were so profitable that they could just open another store. Pretty much no one was betting on sports.

There’s still 3 BetFreds on the high street though.

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Yeah woman was depressed 

think she is going to lose her job, 

apparently loads self excluded during Christmas, they were asking for id & proof of earnings 

just before Christmas so that might have made people give up, pushed them over the edge, so to speak ,  like you say we had 7 bookies in our area, now just 2 , paddypower & betfred, now betfred closing, l think people have just had enough, crap fobt machines that have low rtp payouts , cartoon racing, and rubbish horse racing most days, 

l think the bookies greed has killed it. Killed the goose that lays the egg , 
I wondered why the place has been so empty lately 


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I don’t know why betfred is so popular their fobt have lowest payouts of any bookie 83% on 

20p & 25p stake only 89% RTP  max on £2 stakes , shocking 

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