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What a load of carp - Big Wins - Stop and Step

What a load of carp

Chicken dinner

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I'm absolutely forking fuming!!! x 999,999,999 billion!!! just got my first ever 10x on big bass hold and spin, and it's rigged, 15p stake and I won £45, but £39 including my stake, it was 1 spin after my last spin the bonus came in, and I didn't think it was going to get passed the first round, anything the 10x was so crap he went 6 times, although one spin there was no fish although in an earlier round it dynamite some fish in, but everytime he went fishing he caught crap value fish.

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1st catch 20p

2nd No fish

3rd No fish

4th £2.20

5th £1.40

2nd round x2

6th 50p

7th 50p

8th £1.50

9th 70p

3rd round x3

10th £1.50

11th 50p

12th 50p

13th 20p

4th round x10

14th No fish

15th £1.20

16th 70p

17th 20p

18th No fish

19th No fish

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The big bass games are terrible. Never had or never seen a big win. I got up the 10x before with only £90 current win and it done 10 dead spins. He’s the worst fisherman. Just as bad as the fishing frenzy fisherman. Catch of the day fisherman is a lot better. Every time I go to a pub and the machine has catch of the day, I will always win jackpot. 

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