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Darren, come here !

Ian Hislop

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Nice to see you playing some of the newer slots today. IT is hard to see what some of them do, their potential, if any and if they really are good or not... but today wasn't a great escape. However I can vouch for Lightning Force as a great slot.

Here's why : when you get the spins feature, the middle reel gives you a permanent multiplier for the base wins. When the multiplier lands again, it does multiply those already multiplied base wins. So 4x landed when getting the bonus updates all the prizes on the winboard for the bonus duration.

So you can land upto 10x and then land upto 10x in the spins meaning any win that comes with it, is multiplied upto 100x - On £2 stake, that makes most big wins a jackpot. Even on 50p play if you catch it, £100 from X spins is not hard to achieve. And of course, it can and does retrigger (but you keep the same base multiplier awarded at the beginning of the bonus).

Love to see you have a good sesh on it and some others. 

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