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Gov changes rules and its a good idea. - Responsible Gaming - Stop and Step

Gov changes rules and its a good idea.


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When gov changes the rules its a good idea to every one else who dont gamble. Changing rules like removing bonus buys, auto spin, reducing max bet etc.

When you got a suggestion like time out on certain games button they say you should have more control. lol

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The few ruin it for the many

so many focus groups talking nonsense about everything, a lot of people don’t like gambling 

some gamblers with no self control lose vasts sums of money , blame casino or bookies, for their lack of control , not their fault , it’s the bookies who let them lose hundreds of thousands, and ruin their lives ?
the people who don’t like gambling say look see what happens, and then stupid rules regulations and laws passed to stop people losing so much money, which doesn’t work just annoys & inconveniences other gamblers with self control 

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