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4 Jackpots!!!! - Big Wins - Stop and Step

4 Jackpots!!!!


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Today I had 4 jackpots and some other good wins on various terminals but for only the second time I had 3 almost’ consecutive jackpots on one terminal. 

What makes it sweeter is I was playing with profit from a silver pot on pure pots then got 4 pots and Hit gold. I then got a £8 win and gambled to £75 in increments then maxed it to £500 and won the second jackpot. I waited for both jackpots to pay each time then went to play out my remaining credit (about £30) and hit a £12 win. Again I gambled to £75 in increments then maxed it and unbelievably it came in again! 3 jackpots within about 1/2 hour (would of been much quicker too if I hadn’t of had to wait for the first 2 payouts. 

The whole arcade was cheering 😂😂😂

Total up £1710 all within an hour parking slot :):):) 💰💰💰

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