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Part Bank?


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Am I only what prefer Bookie or arcade slots?. On these you can part bank, gamble for free spins or cash and now even bonuses on some games. Online they are putting gambles in on some games but it not the same as most you have to win 2X your bet or its after a bonus like reel king.

Plenty of times in my local bookies i put £10 in and come out with £60 or so as this soon adds up. I play on 20p and gamble any winning or take. A lot of time i win 60p or so and can take that up to £10 part bank down to £3 and go for free spins. Some times im in bookies with £10 for 2 hours where online most of time it just goes in no time.

Not been in since mandate muzzle which  i cant be doing with staff asking where it is. But come Feb im back in what ever. I miss the bookies slots 😞 i think it was September 29th last time i was in was it?.

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