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$200 Deposit, $3000 Withdrawal - Big Wins - Stop and Step

$200 Deposit, $3000 Withdrawal


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Hi All,

Decided to have a swing at Video Poker with an initial deposit of $200, and went on a good run (with a lucky 4 of a kind hit) to $500. Felt pretty lucky for the night, so I decided to swing the profits to no commission baccarat, and see how far I can push it. If I lose the $300 profit, oh well, took a shot at it and I'm happy with leaving the casino breaking even. What proceeded in the next hour was the luckiest streak I've had ever, winning seven straight hands betting on banker (although two of the wins only paid 3 for 2 as the dealer won on a six), and walking away with a $2800 profit~! 15x my initial deposit is the biggest win I've ever had in my life (I've only really gambled for a month now), and I'm still shaky over this win. Never had this much money in an account before, and I can't wait until the withdrawal is processed!


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