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dear stop and step

jordan nz

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hello my friend.


a little over a year ago i was inspired to play online as opposed to in a bar.

this was all thanks to watching your videos and also due to the fact that on a 2.50 stake in bars i saw that playing online had wayyyy more potential to produce higher wins.

not only that but you reignited my want to work with people online again as i was a poker affiliate in the early 2000s

at that time i was bought to believe that online casinos were all rigged whuch you also shed light on for me.


on my very first night of playing online i hit this.



which is yet another reason to thank you for.


now i and a few frends own a website and will be starting our own livestream soon.


i hope you are well. i just wanted to commend you for all your efforts of your website/forum and ongoing will to continue show casing your content.





jordan and the team from new zealand! 

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