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Kineko is a Crazy Scam Website – Avoid at All Costs! - Off Topic - Stop and Step

Kineko is a Crazy Scam Website – Avoid at All Costs!


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A User had an account with since December 2022. Played extensively over six months, mainly betting on sports and European football leagues. Experienced gradually increased betting limits from $10,000 to $20,000. Issue with Withdrawals: In May 2023, attempted to withdraw a significant portion of $250,000 balance after a lucky streak. Communication from Kineko's developers on June 23, 2023, marked the start of problems. Agreed to a payment plan of $10,000 worth of withdrawals every 15th of the month. Received the first monthly payment on November 22, 2023. However, Kineko breached the payment plan by not making any withdrawals for December or any subsequent month. Despite attempts to contact Kineko, they have been non-responsive since January 18. Other Relevant Information: Kineko is currently engaged in an NFT project, which could pose risks to users if the withdrawal issue is not resolved. The user advises against using Kineko's website/token/NFT project until the dispute is resolved.

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