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I tried a Darren , at MrQ after watching his posts on bonus hunts, so gave it a go, on approximately £2 plays, £2,700 & change & got  11 bonuses, which was bad to start with, it only got worse. 
bonus payouts highest to lowest of, £102, £42, £38, £37, £36

£32, £28, £14, £11, £3, £1.60

yeah, less than £350 return, on over £2,700. I’ve only tried it once, never again. I feel ill. What was l thinking, they get richer until we get wiser init. 
l thought when lt took over £2700 to get the bonuses it was going to be bad, but at least l expected to get at least £100 average, my average was about £30 a bonus on £2 play. 
big catch took over £600 to bonus and paid £42, 

these streamers, with their jackpot every 3rd bonus and 3-4 hundred pound bonuses, and a jackpot at least once in 5 bonuses, their streams gotta be highly edited. 
thank you MrQ withdrawn my balance, a customer of less than 24 hours , never again😭

hopefully anyhow, certainly not there. 

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Enhanced odds for the streamers and dont forget he advertises the site where hes at everytime to get people to sign up which he will get double bonus for.

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Yeah l think they get X amount free to play with each week for streaming or whatever, as part of promotions of these sites, with like you say enhanced bonuses. 

thought l try it, never again though, made me ill, some of the games took ages to bonus, some paid as little as 1.60 highest just made a hundred, l only averaged about £30 a bonus, took about £260 plus to get each one. Sod that, you live & learn,

to be honest, l never get the sort of bonuses they get in arcades either, or get the same amount of play they do for the money, lost £2200 in betfred a few weeks ago, £900 was winnings from earlier in week, but still, £2200 in less than four hours. 😭 

at the end of day like you say these streamers make a living from advertising this sites. & encouraging us to play there, we ain’t gonna win no five grand. Init, be lucky to turn a £500 profit, then we would still lose 9 out of 10 times. 
l gotta give it a rest now, I’ve lost £5000 since Christmas, few months no gambling for me now. 

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