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Bookies Dead spins on Bonuses

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What’s going on with FOBT in the bookies , today action bank 

30 spins bonus plus 15 spins

retrigger total 45 spins on £2 play 37 dead spins total bonus payout £54 , what for 45 spins on £2 play. 
same thing a few weeks ago on fishin frenzy 3 bonuses at £2 play, bonuses £17, £38, £62,

thank you WH you should show it in your adverts

l should have kept playing on 50p, so many dead spins now on fobt bonuses, there used to be up to half of spins dead now on these games it’s nearly 90% of spins are dead 

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Cant remember what slot it was but someone said they got 116 spins on £2 and only got back £23. I find part banking and going for big pie gamble working more when you win low. I got 10£ on lemmings on 20p 18 lemmings from a 80p gamble. Part banked most then gambled to £50 using small amount i saved to gamble. 

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Yeah, l just can’t see the point of constant dead spins, why give 50 spins when only 10 or less pay anything. It’s definitely getting worse now & 9 out of 10 times even on £2 the bonuses on all games are terrible 

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Went in betfred today, watched some bloke put over a grand in fishing frenzy, he didn’t have much luck, anyway after he left, l tried it, put in £220 got two bonuses, one paid £12 and other nothing, absolutely nothing,

my fault for following someone else, but he put in so much, and over £400 since last bonus

l thought it had to pay something, £12 & nothing on £2 play, after someone just lost over a grand, no wonder nobody is playing bookie FOBT’s now, the place was empty, it was only £220 

but bloody hell, no decent bonus on over £1200, shocking 

shame on you Betfred 

my fault though, never follow a losing run, still , it’s bad though

sod all payouts on that type of cash 

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