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If i had as many jackpots and big wins per sessions as streamers i be up loads. Even putting as much as they do in i still be in proffit and wouldnt do as big gambles i we be still up.

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I think it’s edited, like 2 days of play made to look like a few hours, I’ve never seen so many bonuses, let alone  thousands at a time won on one slot, with what seems half a dozen big payouts one after another. 
and getting two or three low stake gambles to hundred spins or jackpots one after another, 

when l go to an arcade or bookies I’m lucky to get two decent paying bonuses of over £300 , never won more than a grand in any secession 

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Iv gambled for over a year & stopped .my findings time & time again I had all my wins have been min bet 50p bet only on a tenner .the more I put in the more you loose its mathematical right.odds ect.🫡👍🏻💯👌🦾

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